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Economic news(2021/07/11)

Kyoto   Hakone

U.S. Treasury Secretary evaluates agreement on new international tax rules

2021-07-11 18:19:00
US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen will hold a press conference in Italy, where the G20 = Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors' Meeting of 20 Major Countries was held on the 11th, to put a new international taxation to put an end to the competition to reduce corporate taxes. We appreciated the agreement on the rules.


Released over 30 years ago Japanese game software up to about 96 million yen in history

2021-07-11 17:35:00
A popular Japanese game software released in the United States more than 30 years ago was put up for auction, and it was sold for the highest bid of 870,000 dollars in history and nearly 100 million yen in Japanese yen.


Tokyo where "declaration" is issued and 4 prefectures of "prevention of spread" Increase in number of people at night

2021-07-11 12:55:00
In Tokyo, where the fourth state of emergency has been declared, and in Saitama, Chiba, Kanagawa, and Osaka, where priority measures such as spread prevention will be extended, the number of people on the 10th will be higher than a week ago, mainly at night. Has increased.


High level of used car prices Impact of reduced production of new cars due to semiconductor shortage

2021-07-11 11:25:00
Used car trading prices have recently risen to the second highest level in the last decade. It seems that the background is that the production of new cars has been delayed due to the shortage of semiconductors, and the cars in the used car market are running out of stock.


"New Go To Campaign" on the premise that infection has converged as a priority policy of publicity

2021-07-11 05:57:00
The Komeito has put together a priority policy for economic recovery, and has included the implementation of the "New Go To Campaign" to stimulate consumption such as tourism and eating and drinking on the premise that vaccination will progress and the infection will be resolved. I will.


G20 "Historical Agreement" Advances in New International Taxation Rules

2021-07-11 04:28:00
The G20 = Central Bank Governors' Meeting in Italy held a "historical agreement" over new international taxation rules to put an end to competition to reduce corporate taxes. The joint statement was adopted and closed. The goal is to make progress toward a final agreement by October.


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