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Economic news(2021/07/27)

Kyoto   Hakone

Osaka Dojima Commodity Exchange Rice Futures Trading Transition Application "There are some points that do not meet the standards"

2021-07-27 22:47:00
The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries has revealed that the Osaka Commodity Exchange has applied for a shift to full-scale rice futures trading, but at this point it does not meet the approval criteria. We will hear opinions from the exchange on the 5th of next month and make the final decision.


Kansai Electric Power Co., Inc. Secretly compensates for executive compensation when business performance deteriorates 200 million yen

2021-07-27 22:23:00
Kansai Electric Power Co., Inc. revealed that it was pointed out by the Osaka National Taxation Bureau on the 27th that it had missed a declaration of more than 200 million yen due to problems such as secretly compensating for part of the executive compensation that was reduced when business performance deteriorated. Did.


To a demonstration experiment in which a person with a serious disability remotely controls a robot to carry products

2021-07-27 22:04:00
In order to provide an opportunity for people with severe disabilities to work in the restaurant industry, we have decided to start a demonstration experiment in which people with disabilities remotely control the robots in the store to carry products.


Bank of Japan Governor Kuroda Bank support on climate change issues "First important measures"

2021-07-27 19:53:00
At a press conference, the Bank of Japan's Governor Kuroda will be able to flexibly respond by starting with measures that are considered important in starting new funding to support investment and lending by banks and other organizations in response to climate change issues. He emphasized the recognition that it is necessary.


Mitsubishi Motors Light vehicle-sized small EV Sales policy early next year

2021-07-27 19:25:00
As automakers around the world accelerate the development of EVs = electric vehicles, Mitsubishi Motors has announced that it will sell mini-vehicle-sized small EVs early next year.


Stock price rises by more than 100 yen Against the background of expectations for US IT company performance

2021-07-27 16:09:00
In the Tokyo stock market on the 27th, the Nikkei Stock Average rose by more than 100 yen against the backdrop of expectations for American corporate performance.


Delayed expansion of Rakuten Mobile area Base station maintenance is not progressing due to lack of semiconductors

2021-07-27 15:13:00
Rakuten Mobile has set a goal of expanding the population coverage rate to 96% by this summer for the communication area of ​​mobile phones, but revealed that it will be delayed due to lack of semiconductors used for base stations. Did. The impact of the global semiconductor shortage has spread to telecommunications services.


US Tesla Financial Results Sales are strong and final profit is almost 11 times the previous year's record high

2021-07-27 11:05:00
US electric car maker Tesla's three-month financial results for the three months to June reached record profits due to strong sales, with worldwide sales exceeding 200,000 units.


Pacific bluefin tuna international conference started Japan proposes to increase catch by 20%

2021-07-27 10:21:00
An international conference to discuss resource management of Pacific bluefin tuna, whose catch is regulated internationally, began on the 27th. Japan has proposed to increase the catch cap by 20%, but negotiations are expected to be difficult.


US Tesla Financial Results Sales are strong and final profit is almost 11 times that of the previous year

2021-07-27 08:43:00
The three-month financial results for the three months until June announced by American electric vehicle maker Tesla on the 26th showed a significant increase in sales and profits due to strong sales such as worldwide sales exceeding 200,000 units. ..


To NTV verification program broadcast Discriminatory expression problem for Ainu people

2021-07-27 06:36:00
NTV has announced that it will broadcast a verification program later next month due to the problem of discriminatory expressions that hurt the Ainu people in the information program.


NY Stock Market Dow Jones Industrial Average hits new highs for 2 consecutive business days

2021-07-27 05:49:00
The Dow Jones Industrial Average on the New York stock market on the 26th of the week rose due to expectations for improvement in corporate performance, hitting a record high for the second consecutive business day.


Yield of "Defined Contribution Pension" exceeds "Defined Benefit Pension" for the first time

2021-07-27 04:05:00
Last year, the yield of "defined contribution pensions", in which employees choose their own investment products, exceeded the "defined benefit pensions", which companies are responsible for managing, for the first time. It seems that the background is the upward trend of stock prices.


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