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Economic news(2021/08/05)

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Murata Manufacturing Subcontractor Chinese company employee takes out account information etc.

2021-08-05 23:01:00
At Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd., a major electronic component manufacturer, more than 72,000 pieces of information such as bank accounts of business partners and their employees were taken out by employees of a subcontractor Chinese company and uploaded to the cloud in China. I announced that I was there. The company states that there is no evidence that a third party has obtained this information.


Nintendo April-June financial results Decrease in sales and profits, but final profit is the third highest level ever

2021-08-05 21:32:00
Nintendo's financial results for the three months from April to June showed a decrease in both sales and profits compared to last year when there was a record hit for game software, but sales are due to so-called nesting demand. It was strong and the final profit was the third highest level ever.


"Nippon" cyber attack system failure postponed financial results announcement

2021-08-05 21:03:00
Nippon Flour Mills, a major flour miller, has postponed the announcement of financial results for the three months until June on the 5th due to the impact of a cyber attack and a system failure in the company.


Sumitomo Rubber Industries "Fender" quality data falsified and apologized

2021-08-05 20:53:00
Sumitomo Rubber Industries, a major tire manufacturer that had been falsifying quality data on rubber products used on the quay of the port, apologized at the financial results meeting on the 5th, and by the end of October, the results of an investigation by outside lawyers Clarified the idea to announce.


Yen price decline "I was aware of the difference with the United States where the economy is recovering"

2021-08-05 18:41:00
On the 5th, the yen exchange rate fell on the Tokyo foreign exchange market, and the dollar was in the mid-109 yen range.


"Carbon pricing" nationwide market creation Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

2021-08-05 18:37:00
"Carbon pricing" that puts a price on carbon dioxide for decarbonization and asks companies to bear the cost. The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry has put together an interim arrangement to create a nationwide market where companies can trade emissions for introduction.


Stock price rise

2021-08-05 15:57:00
The stock price of the Tokyo stock market on the 5th rose.


Rice futures trading Claims to the country for the full-scale transition of the Osaka Exchange

2021-08-05 15:16:00
The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries heard opinions directly from the exchange on the 5th to decide whether to approve the Osaka commodity exchange to shift to full-scale rice futures trading. Both sides do not agree, and the focus will be on future decisions on the part of the country.


Compensation for "crisis of survival" of travel companies by "declaration" in the summer travel season

2021-08-05 14:54:00
The Japan Association of Travel Agents, which is made up of travel agencies nationwide, is thinking of seeking compensation from the government, saying that the management of travel agencies is becoming more difficult due to the declaration of emergency during the summer travel season. Shown.


NY Dow Jones Industrial Average falls by more than $ 300 Economic recovery from a sense of caution

2021-08-05 06:55:00
The Dow Jones Industrial Average on the New York stock market fell by more than $ 300 on the 4th due to fears that the US economic recovery would slow down.


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