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Economic news(2021/08/21)

Kyoto   Hakone

Affects even home appliances

2021-08-21 16:26:00
The impact of the global semiconductor shortage is becoming more serious. In a survey conducted by NHK on 100 major domestic companies, nearly 60% of the companies answered that their businesses were affected by the shortage of semiconductors. From the questionnaire, we can see that the impact is spreading to a wide range of industries other than the automobile industry and electrical equipment manufacturers.


US Tesla Humanoid Robot Development Utilizing Autonomous Driving Technology

2021-08-21 14:05:00
Tesla, an American electric vehicle manufacturer, announced that it will embark on the development of humanoid robots using technologies cultivated through autonomous driving such as AI = artificial intelligence. In the future, we will be able to take on dangerous tasks on behalf of humans.


Reopening of offices of major US IT companies Postponed to next year With the spread of "Delta stock" infection

2021-08-21 11:11:00
Major US IT companies have decided to postpone the time when employees will be able to commute to the office again in January next year due to the spread of the mutant virus "Delta strain".


Prevention of overseas outflow of technology Rare earth-related companies to be subject to foreign investment regulations

2021-08-21 10:58:00
Mineral resources such as rare earths that are indispensable for a wide range of products such as electric vehicles and smartphones. When Japanese companies involved in excavation and analysis receive foreign investment, they will be subject to regulation.


Japanese managers "Many men who have never changed jobs" Government Study Group

2021-08-21 10:31:00
To improve corporate productivity, a government study group pointed out that many Japanese managers are young men who have never changed jobs and lack diversity, and to realize an organization with diverse human resources. We have compiled a report stating that employment transformation is an urgent need.


Mizuho Bank system failure Thorough prevention of recurrence and restoration of trust are issues

2021-08-21 06:20:00
On the 20th, Mizuho Financial Group was unable to make transactions such as transfers at stores nationwide, causing the fifth system failure. The issue is how to thoroughly prevent recurrence and restore trust due to a failure in the midst of a comprehensive system inspection.


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