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Economic news(2021/09/20)

Kyoto   Hakone

NY Dow Jones Industrial Average temporarily falls by more than $ 500

2021-09-20 22:48:00
In the New York stock market on the 20th, there was a growing sense of caution that the impact of the deterioration of the management of the Chinese real estate giant "Evergrande Group" would affect the Chinese economy and financial markets, and sell orders spread immediately after the start of the transaction, and the Dow Jones Industrial Average Stock prices temporarily fell by more than $ 500 compared to last weekend.


Hong Kong stock market drops sharply Be wary of management deterioration of Chinese real estate giant

2021-09-20 21:15:00
Hong Kong's stock market on the 20th saw a widespread sell order due to concerns about the impact of the deterioration of the management of a Chinese real estate giant on the industry as a whole, and the representative stock index exceeded 3% compared to last weekend. The price has dropped.


Photovoltaic power generation “Even on the walls and windows of buildings” Technological development progresses at an electric appliance manufacturer

2021-09-20 16:05:00
As the number of places suitable for solar power generation decreases year by year, electric appliance manufacturers are developing technology to apply special materials to films and building materials instead of conventional panels so that power can be generated even on the walls and windows of buildings. Is progressing.


“Water surface of the pond on the field ...” Movement to effectively utilize the solar power generation space

2021-09-20 16:03:00
With the shortage of suitable places for solar power generation, there is a growing movement to install panels in previously unused spaces such as on fields and on the surface of ponds.


Movement to confirm domestic companies for raw materials produced in harsh working environments

2021-09-20 07:53:00
While consideration for human rights is required in conducting business, there are active movements among Japanese companies to thoroughly check whether raw materials produced under harsh working environments are included in the products they handle. It has become.


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