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Economic news(2021/10/16)

Kyoto   Hakone

NY Crude oil futures prices continue to rise The yen depreciates against the backdrop of rising US long-term interest rates

2021-10-16 05:44:00
International crude oil futures prices rose in the New York crude oil market on the 15th, temporarily hitting a record high for the first time in about seven years. In the New York foreign exchange market, the yen exchange rate temporarily dropped to the low 114 yen level per dollar against the backdrop of rising long-term interest rates in the United States due to high crude oil prices, and the yen depreciated for the first time in about three years.


NTT DoCoMo All call communication restoration Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications to request report such as circumstances

2021-10-16 05:40:00
NTT DoCoMo announced that 3G communication, which had been difficult to use even after the communication failure was restored, was restored at 10 pm on the 15th. However, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications takes this situation very seriously and asks the company to report the details.


China's "Evergrande Group" corporate bond interest payments in financial difficulties continue to be vigilant in the market

2021-10-16 01:23:00
China's real estate giant Evergrande Group, which is in trouble due to huge debt, announced on the 15th that it will pay interest on RMB-denominated corporate bonds that will expire on the 19th of this month. Meanwhile, interest payments on multiple dollar-denominated corporate bonds that have already expired appear to have yet to be paid, and global financial markets remain wary of the impact.


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