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Economic news(2021/11/20)

Kyoto   Hakone

Government Considers Release of National Stockpiled Oil Due to Soaring Crude Oil Soaring Cooperation between Japan, the United States and South Korea

2021-11-20 19:05:00
With the price of crude oil soaring, it was found that the government is considering releasing the surplus of the national oil stockpile in the country to the market at the request of the United States. Japan and the United States, as well as South Korea, which is also requested by the United States, are considering working together to temporarily increase supply, and it seems that the aim is to curb the rise in crude oil prices to a certain extent. Will be.


Delivery of food with a drone The first demonstration experiment in Tokyo where people and buildings are crowded

2021-11-20 14:59:00
In an attempt to verify the safety of flight in places where people and buildings are crowded, a demonstration experiment of a service that delivers food using a drone was conducted at a complex facility in Tokyo, which is crowded with shoppers.


Demonstration experiment of PCR negative certification system begins with "face recognition" Okinawa Ishigaki

2021-11-20 14:46:00
A demonstration experiment of a system that allows you to receive services by face recognition without presenting a negative certificate of PCR test when arriving at the airport or using tourist facilities has started in Ishigaki City, Okinawa Prefecture.


AI-equipped robots appear in a British confectionery store with a shortage of manpower.

2021-11-20 11:19:00
In the UK, where labor shortages are serious, economic activities are affected, and there are a series of movements to promote automation at various sites, such as the appearance of robots that automatically make sweets in place of skilled craftsmen.


NY Crude Oil Market Futures Price Drops to $ 75 at Temporary Stockpile Release Request

2021-11-20 06:38:00
In the New York crude oil market on the 19th, the international crude oil future price was temporarily one barrel for the first time in about a month and a half because it was reported that the US Biden administration requested the release of oil stockpiling to Japan and China. The price has dropped to the $ 75 level.


Maintenance cost for making stations barrier-free Add up to 10 yen to the fare Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism policy

2021-11-20 04:51:00
The government has decided to establish a system in which users are responsible for adding maintenance costs for making railway stations barrier-free to the fare. Assuming introduction in Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya, we expect to add up to 10 yen per ride.


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