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Economic news(2021/11/28)

Kyoto   Hakone

Average price of newly built condominiums in the Tokyo metropolitan area exceeded the bubble period and reached a record high in October

2021-11-28 17:37:00
The price of an apartment is soaring. The average price of newly built condominiums released in the Tokyo metropolitan area in October was 67.5 million yen per unit, a record high beyond 1990 during the bubble period. Research firms say that this year's condominium prices are expected to be the highest ever, even across the year.


Currency depreciation and negative aspects [reporter column]

2021-11-28 15:58:00
A "market curious" corner where you can understand the movements of financial markets. It was the movement of the yen that I couldn't take my eyes off in the week starting on the 22nd. In the previous week's column, I told you that the wall was standing up, saying, "Knock out in front of $ 1 = 115 yen !?", but on the 23rd, it easily reached the $ 1 = 115 yen level. What is in the background? (Hiroshi Nakazawa, Reporter, Ministry of Economic Affairs)


Double the subsidy for EV purchase to a maximum of 800,000 yen.

2021-11-28 12:09:00
Subsidies for purchasing EVs = electric vehicles are expected to double to a maximum of 800,000 yen. The government wants to raise the subsidy to the level of Europe and the United States and promote the electrification of cars.


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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