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Economic news(2021/12/11)

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20 years since China joined the WTO While it is the world's top trader, it also has challenges

2021-12-11 18:17:00
It has been 20 years since China joined the WTO = World Trade Organization in 11 days. During this period, while China has become the world leader in terms of trade value, there are still issues such as preferential treatment for domestic companies and issues of intellectual property rights, and the world is paying close attention to it.


SBI Holdings Shinsei Bank became a subsidiary Acquired nearly 48% through TOB

2021-12-11 12:52:00
SBI Holdings, a major online finance company, officially announced that Shinsei Bank will become a subsidiary as a result of the takeover bid for TOB = shares of Shinsei Bank, which has reached the upper limit of 48%. SBI's policy is to acquire a majority, and the future focus will be on how to pave the way for the repayment of Shinsei Bank's public funds.


China Next year's economic management policy decision meeting Real estate market regulation continuation policy

2021-12-11 08:17:00
An important meeting was held in China to decide next year's economic management policy, emphasizing the policy of continuing regulations to curb overheating of the real estate market. At the same time, he will show his stance to stabilize the real estate market, and the focus will be on whether the impact of management problems of real estate companies such as the "Evergrande Group" can be suppressed.


Tax accountant Even after the business is closed, the ruling party will be subject to investigation and disposition to avoid disciplinary action

2021-12-11 05:26:00
As tax accountants involved in fraud have been evading investigations and disciplinary action by the national tax authorities by going out of business, it was requested to amend the law to include former tax accountants who went out of business in the investigation and disposition on the 10th. It was included in the decided tax reform outline of the ruling party.


The ruling party decides on the tax reform outline

2021-12-11 05:09:00
The ruling party's tax reform outline for the next fiscal year, which was decided on the 10th, included a significant increase in the deduction rate to be deducted from corporate tax under the focus of the "wage increase tax system." In the future, the government will be asked whether, in addition to these tax measures, it will be possible to create an environment in which a wide range of companies can continuously raise wages.


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