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Economic news(2022/02/12)

Kyoto   Hakone

Economic Security Bill Stable supply of important products gives the country the authority to investigate corporate suppliers

2022-02-12 19:24:00
To strengthen economic security, the government has a policy to stipulate the authority of the government to investigate the suppliers of companies so that important products such as semiconductors and pharmaceuticals that are indispensable to people's lives can be stably supplied.


"Trial price" trouble Consumer Affairs Agency New rule guidelines released

2022-02-12 07:36:00
The Consumer Affairs Agency has decided to make regular purchases because there have been a series of troubles in the malicious subscription commercial law that emphasized "trial prices" on online shopping, etc., and since June, regulations such as misleading displays have been tightened. We have released a guideline that summarizes new rules regarding such things.


NY Crude Oil Market Futures Price Rise to $ 94 at Temporary for the First Time in Approximately 7 Years and 4 Months

2022-02-12 07:28:00
In the New York crude oil market on the 11th, the international crude oil futures price temporarily rose as the oil-producing country Russia became wary of invading Ukraine and concerns about the supply of crude oil increased. It has risen to the $ 94 level per barrel for the first time in about 7 years and 4 months.


NY Dow Jones Industrial Average drops sharply over $ 600 at one point.

2022-02-12 07:16:00
In the New York stock market on the 11th, the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell sharply to over $ 600 at one point due to a growing sense of caution that Russia might invade Ukraine and swelling sell orders.


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