This page is the news announced by NHK, a representative TV station in Japan.

Economic news(2022/02/26)

Kyoto   Hakone

NYK's cargo ship is berthed in Ukraine.

2022-02-26 21:55:00
Nippon Yusen, a major shipping company, has revealed that three cargo ships moored at ports in Ukraine have not been able to evacuate due to restricted departures.


Japanese companies expanding into Ukraine also move to suspend factory operations due to military invasion

2022-02-26 07:36:00
Following the Russian military invasion, some Japanese companies are moving to shut down factories in Ukraine.


Western stock market stock price rises sharply

2022-02-26 06:30:00
In the Western stock market, on the 25th, the Dow Jones Industrial Average rose to over $ 800 in the New York stock market due to the ease of caution about the impact of sanctions on Russia by each country on the world economy. The price has increased significantly.


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