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Economic news(2022/03/06)

Kyoto   Hakone

"Mastercard" and "Visa" Suspension of card payment business in Russia

2022-03-06 11:50:00
Following Russia's military invasion of Ukraine, Mastercard and Visa, a major US credit card company, announced on the 5th that they will suspend their card payment business in Russia, respectively. The credit cards of both companies issued by Russian financial institutions will not be able to be settled, and cards issued by financial institutions of other countries will not be usable in Russia.


SMBC Nikko Securities' executives and others were arrested to strengthen the management system for stock trading

2022-03-06 05:38:00
SMBC Nikko Securities, which arrested four executives on suspicion of market manipulation in violation of the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, revealed that the management system for buying and selling stocks may not have been sufficient. The company has decided to take measures such as strengthening the management system after clarifying the actual situation of the transaction by the investigation committee established.


[Economic column] Financial sanctions on Russia What works?

2022-03-06 01:03:00
Russia's military invasion of Ukraine deepens turmoil. Stock prices, bonds, crude oil, wheat, gold, and the entire market were shaken every time the trend was reported. On the other hand, Western countries and Japan are issuing economic sanctions one after another in order to stop the invasion. Among them, financial sanctions through money are strong. Which method can do financial damage to Russia, increase the momentum of anti-war from the public, and turn Putin into a turn? (Neil Kato, Reporter, Ministry of Economic Affairs)


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