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Economic news(2022/04/09)

Kyoto   Hakone

Tohoku Electric Power to implement "output control" for the first time on the 10th Request the operator to stop power generation

2022-04-09 20:48:00
Tohoku Electric Power Network announced on the 10th that it will implement "output control" to temporarily stop power generation to power generation companies in order to prevent a large-scale power outage due to an excessive increase in the supply of solar power generation. This is the first time that output control has been performed within the Tohoku Electric Power jurisdiction.


Pacific salmon trout fishing Japan-Russia fishery negotiations Adjusted to be held on the 11th of the week

2022-04-09 17:52:00
Salmon fishing in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Hokkaido, which is usually lifted from the 10th. Due to the influence of Russia's military invasion of Ukraine, the fishing negotiations between Japan and Russia, which are necessary for fishing, have not started, but it turned out that they are adjusting to negotiate between the governments on the 11th of the week. rice field.


NY foreign exchange market Yen exchange rate temporarily drops to the latter half of the 124 yen level

2022-04-09 06:41:00
In the New York foreign exchange market on the 8th, there was a move to buy dollars and sell yen in response to the rise in long-term interest rates from the view that monetary tightening will accelerate in the United States, and the yen exchange rate is temporarily 1 dollar = 124 yen The price dropped to the latter half of the table.


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