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Economic news(2022/04/16)

Kyoto   Hakone

Chugoku Electric Power Co., Ltd. Tomorrow's first "output control" Temporary suspension of solar power generation, etc.

2022-04-16 19:14:00
The Chugoku Electric Power Network announced on the 17th that it will implement "output control" to temporarily stop power generation to power generation companies in order to prevent a large-scale power outage due to excessive supply of solar power generation. This is the first time that output control has been performed within the Chugoku Electric Power Company.


Successive countries promote "output control" of solar power generation, such as strengthening transmission lines

2022-04-16 15:25:00
"Output control" is being implemented one after another by electric power companies asking solar power generation companies to temporarily stop power generation. In order to eliminate waste of renewable energy, the national government is working to increase the number of transmission lines and promote the introduction of storage batteries.


To apply for membership in the Korean TPP “within the term of President Moon until the 9th of next month”

2022-04-16 08:01:00
The South Korean government has finally decided on the 15th to apply for the TPP = Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement in which 11 countries including Japan participate, and aims to apply by the beginning of next month.


Twitter Takeover Defense Measures Decided Against Elon Musk

2022-04-16 06:32:00
Social media giant Twitter has decided to introduce a defense called "poison pill" to counter the takeover offer of American electric car maker Elon Musk. Mr. Musk says that if the takeover offer is rejected, there are alternatives, and the focus will be on what to do.


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