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Economic news(2022/06/18)

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"Working place is at home" "Attendance is treated as a business trip" NTT will start a new rule next month

2022-06-18 11:55:00
NTT, which had set out a policy of teleworking employees in principle, will review the system from next month and introduce a new rule that the work place will be based on home and when going to work, it will be treated as a business trip. To do. The movement of a large corporate group that drastically changes the way of working is likely to affect other companies.


NY Crude Oil Futures Drops to $ 108 at Temporary Beware of Economic Slowdown

2022-06-18 06:45:00
In the New York crude oil market on the 17th, caution against a global economic slowdown due to rapid monetary tightening became stronger, and international crude oil futures prices temporarily dropped to the $ 108 level per barrel.


Maintaining monetary easing by the Bank of Japan Many views that the yen may depreciate for the time being

2022-06-18 06:04:00
At the monetary policy meeting held until the 17th, the Bank of Japan reaffirmed its stance of maintaining large-scale monetary easing and curbing the rise in long-term interest rates. While there are many views among market participants that the yen may depreciate for the time being, there is also a view that the depreciation of the yen has gone too far, and there is growing interest in future trends in financial markets.


Yen depreciation in NY foreign exchange market Temporarily in the low 135 yen range, the Bank of Japan maintains monetary easing

2022-06-18 05:41:00
In the New York foreign exchange market on the 17th, the yen was sold in response to the Bank of Japan's decision to maintain large-scale monetary easing, and the yen exchange rate temporarily dropped to the low 135 yen level per dollar.


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