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Economic news(2022/09/03)

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It is now possible to schedule tours for foreign tourists freely

2022-09-03 11:13:00
Following the easing of restrictions on foreigners for tourism purposes from the 7th of this month, the Japan Tourism Agency has reviewed its acceptance guidelines. While they have more freedom to decide their travel schedules, they are asking travel agencies to secure a means of communication with tourists during their stay in Japan.


Google to start external payments on Android devices in Japan, etc.

2022-09-03 08:06:00
Google, an American IT giant, has announced that it will start a new mechanism in Japan and other countries where Android device users can pay for purchases of apps using external payment systems such as credit cards. .


New economic partnership framework IPEF First face-to-face ministerial meeting from 8th

2022-09-03 07:30:00
As China expands its influence in the international community, the first face-to-face ministerial-level meeting of the IPEF (Indo-Pacific Economic Framework), a new economic partnership framework, will be held in the United States from the 8th of this month. At the meeting, we aim to compile ministerial statements in four areas, including the digitization of trade, and declare the start of negotiations.


G20 Energy Ministers' Meeting Confrontation between Europe, the United States and Russia Joint statement not settled

2022-09-03 07:15:00
Energy security was the main theme of the G20 = energy ministers meeting of 20 major countries held in Indonesia on the 2nd, but due to conflicting opinions between Europe, the United States and Russia, it was not possible to compile a joint statement. did.


G7 finance ministers agree to cap Russian oil prices

2022-09-03 06:51:00
G7 = The finance ministers of seven major countries held an online meeting on the night of the 2nd, Japan time, and agreed to set an upper limit on the transaction price of Russian oil in order to strengthen sanctions against Russia. .


NY market temporarily in the high 140 yen range to the US dollar, yen depreciation and stock prices continue to fall

2022-09-03 06:05:00
In the New York financial market on the 2nd, the yen exchange rate temporarily fell to the upper 140 yen range against the dollar, marking the lowest level of yen depreciation in 24 years. Due to concerns, the yen continues to depreciate and stock prices continue to fall.


Hino Motors cancels construction of plant in Russia Review of overseas business strategy

2022-09-03 05:50:00
Hino Motors has canceled plans to build a new plant in Russia. Due to a series of scandals related to inspection data, the shipment of trucks in Japan has almost stopped, and we have been forced to review our overseas business strategy.


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