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Economic news(2022/09/05)

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Baby product major "combi" to raise 45 items from 3% to 14%

2022-09-05 20:10:00
Combi, a major baby product company, has announced that it will raise the prices of strollers, child seats and other products by up to 14%, citing rising raw material prices and logistics costs. The implementation will start from next month's orders, and it will be the first price increase in eight years.


Yen exchange rate rises against the euro due to concerns about prolonged suspension of German natural gas supply

2022-09-05 19:02:00
On the Tokyo foreign exchange market on the 5th, concerns about the prolonged suspension of natural gas supply from Russia to Germany through pipelines spread the movement to sell euros and buy yen and dollars, and the yen exchange rate fell. It went up against the euro.


Euro falls against yen Dollar hits lowest level since December 2002

2022-09-05 16:44:00
On the Tokyo foreign exchange market on the 5th, the euro fell against the yen and the dollar due to concerns that the supply of natural gas from Russia to Germany through the pipeline would be prolonged.


Stock price fell slightly Trading volume was the lowest after the reorganization of the Tokyo Stock Exchange market in April

2022-09-05 16:37:00
The Tokyo stock market on the 5th, the beginning of the week, stock prices fell slightly.


OPEC plus crude oil production cut or hold meeting to decide production on the 5th

2022-09-05 06:39:00
"OPEC Plus", which is made up of major oil-producing countries such as Saudi Arabia and Russia, will hold a meeting on the 5th to decide future crude oil production. While Saudi Arabia and other countries have suggested the possibility of production cuts due to the downward trend in international crude oil prices, there is also a view that production may be left unchanged due to the difficult outlook.


Corporate disaster risk analysis Countermeasure support service Widespread at financial institutions

2022-09-05 06:33:00
Amid a series of disasters such as heavy rains, financial institutions are increasingly focusing on services that analyze the risk of damage to offices and factories for companies and provide advice on disaster prevention measures.


The New Year sales season has already started.

2022-09-05 06:26:00
The New Year shopping season of department stores has already started for the New Year next year. In the absence of movement restrictions, it is expected that more people will gather with their families and relatives for the first time in a while, and there is a growing movement to strengthen products that can be eaten by a large number of people.


International economic conference in Russia Emphasizes cooperation with China, etc. Is it the aim of competing with the West?

2022-09-05 04:33:00
As the West imposes severe sanctions on Russia over its military invasion of Ukraine, an international economic conference will be held in Vladivostok in the Far East of Russia on the 5th, which President Putin will also attend. By emphasizing cooperation with China and other countries, the Putin administration seems to be aiming to show both inside and outside that it is not isolated internationally, and to compete with the West.


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