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Economic news(2022/09/10)

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Negotiations started in IPEF 4 areas Challenges to create a highly effective framework

2022-09-10 11:47:00
A new economic partnership framework, IPEF (Indo-Pacific Economic Framework), has concluded its ministerial-level meeting, and it was agreed to start negotiations in four areas. The United States is aiming for an early conclusion of the negotiations in order to counter China, and the future challenge will be whether it can create a highly effective framework that reflects the claims of each country.


Hino Motors Partially resumed shipments, but long-term impact on companies using trucks

2022-09-10 09:29:00
The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism has announced that it will allow the resumption of shipments of vehicles equipped with engines that have been confirmed to comply with standards due to the fraudulent inspection data of Hino Motors. However, there is still no prospect of resuming shipments of some vehicles, such as heavy-duty trucks, and the impact on customers and business partners will inevitably be prolonged.


NY stock market rises for 3 consecutive days Increased over $ 1000 during this time

2022-09-10 09:22:00
In the New York stock market on the 9th, the rising trend of long-term interest rates in the United States has stopped, and the sense of caution about the future has eased and buy orders have been placed, and the Dow Jones Industrial Average has risen for three consecutive days. .


Yen exchange rate rough price movement

2022-09-10 07:15:00
In the foreign exchange market on the 9th, the yen exchange rate temporarily rose to the mid-141 yen level to the dollar in the London market due to the remarks by Governor Kuroda of the Bank of Japan as a restraint on the rapid depreciation of the yen, but then New York. In the market, the price fell to the upper half of 142 yen per dollar, resulting in rough price movements.


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