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Economic news(2022/10/02)

Kyoto   Hakone

Chief Cabinet Secretary ``Possibility of North Korea's provocation including nuclear test, full effort in warning and surveillance''

2022-10-02 17:21:00
Chief Cabinet Secretary Matsuno criticized North Korea for launching ballistic missiles at an unprecedented frequency, saying that it is absolutely unacceptable. As such, he emphasized the idea of ​​taking all possible measures such as vigilance and surveillance.


Recruitment media accreditation system for information provision on the Internet to start

2022-10-02 10:33:00
As the number of "recruitment media" that provide job information on the Internet increases, the government will start a system to certify recruitment media that meet certain standards as "excellent business operators" so that people looking for jobs can use them with peace of mind. became.


There are also skeptical “speculators” [Economic column]

2022-10-02 01:30:00
On September 22nd, the government and the Bank of Japan finally took action against the accelerating depreciation of the yen. The first dollar-selling yen-buying market intervention in 24 years. The yen exchange rate temporarily rebounded sharply in the direction of yen appreciation, but the yen is depreciating again. “Excessive volatility due to speculation cannot be overlooked.” We interviewed how the market received this message from the government and the Bank of Japan. (Economics Department reporter Kentaro Makata)


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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