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Economic news(2022/11/16)

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Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry and Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand agreed to create a framework for LNG supply and demand tightness

2022-11-16 20:39:00
Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Nishimura held talks with Thai Deputy Prime Minister Supattanapong to discuss the creation of a framework for mutual accommodation between the two countries when the supply and demand for LNG (liquefied natural gas) becomes tight, amidst concerns over the stable supply of energy due to Russia's invasion of Ukraine and other factors. We agreed on what we were aiming for.


Yen exchange rate small price movement Selling and buying mixed with missile drop in Poland

2022-11-16 19:33:00
In the Tokyo foreign exchange market on the 16th, the yen exchange rate fluctuated slightly due to a mix of buying and selling over the news that a Russian-made missile fell into Polish territory and two people were reportedly killed.


Mass production of semiconductors started in Hiroshima Prefecture, a major US semiconductor company Expecting to strengthen domestic production system

2022-11-16 19:21:00
Mass production of advanced semiconductors began this month at the factory in Hiroshima Prefecture of Micron Technology, a major American semiconductor company. As the importance of semiconductors increases in terms of economic security, it is expected that this will lead to the strengthening of the domestic production system.


Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Nishimura Confirms Strengthening Collaboration with Thailand to Develop Digital Human Resources in the Manufacturing Industry

2022-11-16 18:31:00
Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Nishimura, who is visiting Thailand, confirmed that the two countries will cooperate in developing digital human resources in order to support the efficiency of production using digital technology.


New Prius Toyota announces full model change for the first time in 7 years

2022-11-16 17:13:00
Toyota has announced a new version of its flagship hybrid vehicle, the Prius. This is the first full model change in seven years, and while EVs (electric vehicles) are becoming more popular toward decarbonization, we aim to capture the needs of eco-cars with hybrid vehicles, which we are good at.


Stock prices fall slightly Concern about the tension in Ukraine grows

2022-11-16 16:59:00
In the Tokyo stock market on the 16th, stock prices fluctuated slightly due to a mix of buying and selling over the news that a Russian-made missile fell into Polish territory and two people were reportedly killed.


Gasoline retail price nationwide average of 167.8 yen/L, falling for 3 consecutive weeks

2022-11-16 16:33:00
The nationwide average retail price of regular gasoline this week was 167.8 yen, falling for the third consecutive week.


Stock prices drop slightly Concerns about the tensions in Ukraine are growing

2022-11-16 12:22:00
The Tokyo stock market on the 16th said that after Poland announced that a Russian-made missile had fallen into the country, killing two people, there was growing concern that the situation in Ukraine would become even more tense. Stock prices fell slightly.


July-September machine orders decreased by 1.6% compared to the previous three months.

2022-11-16 11:22:00
According to statistics on machinery orders, which show the future of corporate capital investment, the amount of orders received from domestic companies by major machinery manufacturers from July to September this year was 2.7438 trillion, excluding ships and electric power, which fluctuate greatly. The yen decreased by 1.6% compared to the previous three months.


Decrease in motorcycle accidents

2022-11-16 08:14:00
In order to reduce traffic accidents caused by motorcycles, there is a growing movement among motorcycle manufacturers to utilize the latest technology to enhance safety functions.


New York market at one time 1 dollar = 137 yen level also fluctuates violently due to reports of "missile attack"

2022-11-16 05:39:00
In the New York foreign exchange market, US dollar-selling and yen-buying movements intensified as US price indexes fell below market expectations. did. After that, the dollar was bought back, and it has become a rough price movement.


Negative compensation for employees for three consecutive years

2022-11-16 04:50:00
It was announced on the 15th that GDP (gross domestic product) from July to September was negative for the first time in four quarters. The indicator of wages received by employees has been negative for the third consecutive quarter, and the realization of continuous wage increases will be an issue as prices continue to rise.


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