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Economic news(2022/11/22)

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Yen exchange rate decline US dollar buying intensifies with the view that US interest rate hikes will continue

2022-11-22 18:59:00
In the Tokyo foreign exchange market on the 22nd, the trend of buying the dollar and selling the yen increased due to the view that interest rates will continue to be raised in the United States, and the yen exchange rate fell.


Hotel opening using trailers Shortage of lodging facilities due to factory construction Iwate

2022-11-22 18:57:00
In Kitakami City, Iwate Prefecture, there is a shortage of accommodation facilities due to the construction of a factory by a major manufacturer, and on the 22nd, a company in Tokyo opened a hotel using a trailer. The company wants it to be used as temporary housing for disasters even after the demand for construction is over.


Mazda to invest about 1.5 trillion yen in EV development and production Accelerate electrification

2022-11-22 18:55:00
In order to accelerate electrification, Mazda has announced plans to invest approximately 1.5 trillion yen by 2030, including collaboration with business partners, such as the development and production of EVs.


MS&AD Holdings to cut 6,300 employees by March 2026

2022-11-22 18:07:00
MS&AD Holdings, a major non-life insurance company, has announced a policy to cut 6,300 employees, or 18% of the entire group, by the end of March 2026 in order to improve management efficiency.


Stock price rise Expectations for improved performance of export-related companies

2022-11-22 15:40:00
In the Tokyo stock market on the 22nd, the stock price rose as the expectation that the performance of export-related companies will improve against the background of the yen's depreciation against the dollar.


Stock price rise Expectations for improvement in export-related performance against the backdrop of the weaker yen

2022-11-22 12:16:00
In the Tokyo stock market on the 22nd, the stock price has risen as the expectation that the performance of export-related companies will improve against the background of the yen's depreciation against the dollar.


NY crude oil market futures prices fluctuate due to Saudi production cut denial

2022-11-22 05:39:00
The Saudi Arabian government in the Middle East has issued a comment denying reports that OPEC Plus, which is made up of major oil-producing countries, will discuss production increases, and has suggested the possibility of further production cuts. In the New York crude oil market, the international futures price of crude oil temporarily fell to the $75 per barrel level, then rose to the $80 level, fluctuating wildly.


Financial Services Agency introduces human resource matching system to local companies with serious labor shortage

2022-11-22 04:48:00
The Financial Services Agency is working with financial institutions nationwide to strengthen its business of recruiting human resources, in an effort to encourage local companies facing serious labor shortages to change jobs from large companies.


Major Southeast Asian countries have positive GDP growth, and concerns about the impact of monetary tightening

2022-11-22 04:46:00
The growth rate of GDP = Gross Domestic Product in major Southeast Asian countries from July to September this year was positive due to the increase in foreign tourists accompanying the relaxation of immigration restrictions. However, amid depreciation of currencies, each country is tightening monetary policy, and there are concerns about the impact on the future economy.


Coordination toward the introduction of measures to reduce the burden of the ``invoice system'' government and ruling parties

2022-11-22 04:11:00
With the start of the consumption tax invoice system in October next year, it is expected that businesses that are currently exempt from paying tax will also need to pay more. It turns out that the government and ruling parties are making adjustments in the direction of introducing measures to reduce tax payments and administrative burdens in order to hasten the establishment of the system.


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