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Economic news(2022/12/10)

Kyoto   Hakone

NY Dow average stock price decline due to concerns about continuing significant interest rate hikes

2022-12-10 07:55:00
On the 9th, the New York stock market, the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell, and the closing price was $ 33,476.46, $ 305.2 cents lower than the previous day. On this day, the US wholesale price index, which was announced last month, exceeded market expectations, and selling orders increased due to concerns that the economy would cool down as interest rates continued to rise sharply. In addition, on the 9th in the New York foreign exchange market, there was an expectation that the U.S. would continue to raise interest rates sharply, and the interest rate differential between Japan and the U.S. was conscious of the yen-selling dollar-buying trend. has dropped in price. A market insider said, ``The growth in last month's consumer price index, which is scheduled to be announced on the 13th of next week, also exceeded market expectations, and there is concern that significant interest rate hikes to curb inflation may continue. I have a sense of it,” he says.


NY crude oil market futures price 1 barrel = 70 dollars for the first time in about a year

2022-12-10 06:49:00
In the New York crude oil market on the 9th, the WTI futures price, which is an index for international crude oil trading, temporarily fell to the $70 per barrel level for the first time in about a year since December last year.


Approximately 30% of companies pass on the increase in electricity costs to product and service prices

2022-12-10 04:55:00
Electricity charges are rising against the backdrop of soaring fuel prices, but only about 30% of companies say they are able to pass on the increase to the prices of their products and services. We will strengthen our monitoring to see if


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