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Economic news(2023/01/03)

Kyoto   Hakone

Bank of Japan This year is a turning point, focusing on policy responses based on “large-scale easing”

2023-01-03 16:57:00
The Bank of Japan has continued to ease monetary policy on a large scale, but last month it could no longer ignore market distortions and abruptly revised its previous easing measures. This year will be a milestone year when Governor Kuroda will be in office in April, and the focus will be on what kind of policy response will be taken based on the effects and side effects of large-scale easing.


Automatic creation of work shifts Quantum computer-related technology toward practical application

2023-01-03 15:48:00
Along with research on quantum computers, which are expected to be the next-generation technology, there is a movement to utilize related technologies. New services such as a system that automatically creates complex work shifts are likely to be put into practical use.


Yen exchange rate temporarily dropped to 129 yen level for the first time in 7 months Observation of continuation of monetary tightening

2023-01-03 11:49:00
In the foreign exchange market on the 3rd, the yen exchange rate rose to the 129 yen level to the dollar for the first time in seven months. In the market, speculation that the Bank of Japan will continue to revise its monetary easing measures has led to the appreciation of the yen.


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