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Economic news(2023/01/22)

Kyoto   Hakone

Valentine's day sales start as soon as possible Prices are high due to soaring raw material prices

2023-01-22 14:02:00
This year's Valentine's Day sales season has already started. Due to soaring raw material prices, the price range is higher than usual, and in the product lineup, fair trade products that take into consideration the working environment of producers are also noticeable.


Prime Minister Kishida thinks of replacing Kuroda, the governor of the Bank of Japan, to present a successor personnel proposal next month

2023-01-22 11:47:00
Regarding the personnel affairs of the Governor of the Bank of Japan, whose term will expire in April, Prime Minister Kishida said on a commercial BS program that he would like to present his successor's personnel plan to the Diet next month after clarifying his intention to replace Governor Kuroda. indicated intent.


"Policies that have finished their role" Hedge fund's "reading" [Economic column]

2023-01-22 00:11:00
Will the Bank of Japan move or not? With the market braced, the Bank of Japan's conclusion at its meeting on the 18th was to "maintain the status quo." "If the market had been expecting a change in monetary policy, I think it would have been corrected," Kuroda said. However, overseas hedge funds are eyeing the next opportunity for profit. (Economic Department reporter Mitsutaka Saito)


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