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Economic news(2023/01/25)

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All Toyota plants in Japan stop operation at night on the 25th Heavy snow causes parts supply to be delayed

2023-01-25 22:47:00
Toyota Motor Corporation has decided to suspend operations at all 14 plants in Japan on the 25th due to heavy snow that has hindered the supply of parts. We are planning to operate as usual from the daytime on the 26th.


Tokyo Stock Exchange Prime Market “Transitional Measures” to be Ended after March 2025

2023-01-25 22:45:00
The Tokyo Stock Exchange has set up a "transitional measure" that allows companies that do not meet the listing criteria to remain on the top prime market for a certain period of time due to the market restructuring in April last year. It has been announced that it will be phased out after March. After that, if a company does not meet the criteria within one year, it will be designated as a "stock under supervision" as it may be delisted.


Hokkaido Electric Power to apply for an average 32% increase in "regulatory rate" for households

2023-01-25 22:16:00
In response to soaring fuel costs, Hokkaido Electric Power applied to the government for an average price increase of more than 32% from June 1st for a rate plan called "regulated rate", which most of the electricity rates for households are contracted. I have decided on a policy to


Yen exchange rate drop U.S. economic outlook eases caution

2023-01-25 18:28:00
In the Tokyo foreign exchange market on the 25th, as the sense of caution about the future of the US economy eased, the movement of buying the dollar and selling the yen spread, and the yen exchange rate fell.


Problems with Microsoft Teams, Outlook, etc.

2023-01-25 17:51:00
According to Microsoft Japan, there are problems with multiple services such as the online meeting service "Teams" and the email service "Outlook". The official Twitter account of the company's US corporation announced around 4:30 pm that it was "investigating the impact on multiple services."


Dai-ichi Life Insurance to implement bare wages for about 50,000 employees Policy to raise wages by about 5%

2023-01-25 17:10:00
In light of rising prices, Dai-ichi Life Insurance Co., a major life insurance company, will raise the base salary of about 50,000 employees from April this year, raising the base salary by about 5%. We have established a policy to


Nationwide supermarket last year's sales increased by 1.9% from the previous year, plus for the third consecutive year

2023-01-25 17:07:00
Over 10,000 major supermarkets across the country had sales of 13,265.6 billion yen last year, an increase of 1.9% from the previous year compared to existing stores, marking the third consecutive year of positive growth.


Restaurant chain Last year's sales exceeded the previous year for the first time in three years

2023-01-25 16:16:00
Last year's sales of major restaurant chains nationwide increased by 13.3% from the previous year, surpassing the previous year for the first time in three years.


Stock price rises slightly Rise for 4th consecutive business day

2023-01-25 15:57:00
On the Tokyo stock market on the 25th, stock prices rose slightly, rising for the fourth consecutive business day.


Gasoline retail price drops for the first time in 3 weeks National average 168.1 yen per liter

2023-01-25 15:32:00
The retail price of regular gasoline was 168.1 yen per liter as of the 23rd of this month, down 0.1 yen from last week.


More than 80% of companies that have introduced reskilling, including plans, according to a survey of 100 companies

2023-01-25 14:26:00
When NHK conducted a survey of 100 major companies on re-learning and re-skilling of workers, more than 80% of companies "had introduced" or "plan to introduce", indicating that efforts are spreading.


Digital home electronics Last year's domestic shipment value decreased by more than 4% from the previous year Impact of price hikes

2023-01-25 11:50:00
The domestic shipment value of digital home appliances such as TVs and car navigation systems last year fell by more than 4% from the previous year. According to industry groups, consumer sentiment has cooled due to the impact of high prices, and TV sales have been sluggish during the year-end shopping season.


US Microsoft's 3-month financial results sales growth rate of over 1% to a low level

2023-01-25 11:12:00
American IT giant Microsoft's financial results for the three months until last month were at a low level, with sales growth at just over 1% due to concerns about a global economic slowdown.


It is pointed out that about 37 billion yen has not been reported to the SoftBank Group.

2023-01-25 05:14:00
The Tokyo Regional Taxation Bureau pointed out that about 37 billion yen was not declared in the transaction related to the merger of a major US mobile phone company under the SoftBank Group, according to an interview with the person concerned. The SoftBank Group clarified that it had made an amended return and said, "It was due to a difference of opinion."


Achieving both a decarbonized society and a stable supply Proposals for thermal power generation are finalized Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

2023-01-25 04:45:00
A policy proposal compiled by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry has been revealed regarding the use of thermal power generation to achieve both the realization of a decarbonized society and the stable supply of electricity. Towards 2050, we are taking measures to decarbonize, such as mixing hydrogen and ammonia, which do not emit carbon dioxide, with other fuels and burning them at power plants.


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