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Economic news(2023/01/27)

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Employees of Chubu Electric Power Subsidiaries Unauthorized Viewing of Customer Information of Competitors

2023-01-27 21:32:00
It was found that at least about 890 employees of Chubu Electric Power's subsidiaries and their contractors had committed similar fraud in a problem in which a major electric power company illegally browsed the customer information of competitors.


Bank of Japan “permanent” ETF purchases have had an effect [Economic column]

2023-01-27 20:57:00
The Bank of Japan has been likened to a "whale" due to its large presence in the Japanese stock market. For more than 12 years, I have continued to purchase financial products called ETFs linked to stock indices, and the power of a huge amount of easing money has pushed up stock prices during this time. We will examine why this measure, which was once considered a "forbidden move" and was started as an emergency response to overcome the difficult situation, turned into a permanent policy. (Economic Department reporter Aya Shinoda)


Raw milk production is expected to decline next fiscal year, but there is also the possibility of surplus due to long holidays

2023-01-27 20:41:00
The production of raw milk, which is the raw material for milk and dairy products, is expected to decline next fiscal year, but the industry group is working to expand consumption, as there is a possibility that there will be a surplus of raw milk again during long holidays when school lunches are suspended. is.


Electricity charges to be raised again this spring What will happen in the future?

2023-01-27 19:59:00
The electricity bill for March billing was announced today. Measures to reduce the burden on electricity bills will reduce the average household bill by about 1,600 to 1,800 yen compared to the January bill, but electricity bills are expected to rise again in many areas after this spring. Under these circumstances, power-saving goods, solar panels, price plans are reviewed. There are many ways to save electricity bills.


Estimated by the Ministry of Finance in 4 years from now "national debt service" increased by 4.5 trillion yen to 1/4 of annual expenditure

2023-01-27 19:09:00
According to the Ministry of Finance, in the budget four years from now, the cost of repaying government bonds and paying interest will increase by 4.5 trillion yen compared to the budget proposal for the new fiscal year (FY2023), accounting for one-fourth of the total expenditure. I have summarized the calculations. We expect interest rates to rise in addition to higher debt balances.


Sagawa Express courier service charges announced an average 8% price increase from April 1st

2023-01-27 18:41:00
Sagawa Express Co., Ltd., a major delivery company, has announced that it will raise its delivery charges by an average of 8% from April 1st. It is said that it will be used to improve the treatment of truck drivers.


Yen exchange rate drop

2023-01-27 18:31:00
In the Tokyo foreign exchange market on the 27th, the yen exchange rate fell.


small price movements

2023-01-27 16:11:00
The Tokyo stock market on the 27th, the stock price was a small price movement.


Japan tourism PR event held in Thailand for the first time in three years Japan becomes the most popular travel destination

2023-01-27 16:04:00
An event to promote tourism to Japan was held in Thailand for the first time in three years, and many local governments from Japan are participating to attract tourists.


Tokyo Electric Power and Hokkaido Electric Power Price Raise Application Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry "Examining Corporate Efforts"

2023-01-27 12:51:00
At a press conference after the cabinet meeting on the 27th, Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Nishimura said that TEPCO and Hokkaido Electric Power Co. applied to the government to raise the rate plan called "regulation rate" among electricity rates for households. He indicated his intention to strictly review corporate efforts such as procurement price forecasts and management efficiency.


Tokyo 23 wards January consumer price index rose 4.3% for the first time in 41 years and 8 months

2023-01-27 10:41:00
The January consumer price index in Tokyo's 23 wards rose 4.3% from the same month of the previous year, excluding fresh food, which fluctuates greatly depending on the weather. The 4.3% rate of increase is the highest level in 41 years and 8 months since May 1981, and prices continue to rise.


Tokyo 23 Wards This month's consumer price index rose 4.3% for the first time in 41 years and 8 months

2023-01-27 08:44:00
The January consumer price index in Tokyo's 23 wards rose 4.3% from the same month last year, excluding perishables, which fluctuate greatly depending on the weather. It was the first time in 41 years and 8 months since May 1981 that the rate of increase was 4.3%. Prices continue to rise, mainly due to rising prices of food, electricity, and gas.


US GDP annual rate from October to December last year +2.9%, positive for two consecutive quarters

2023-01-27 01:55:00
The growth rate of GDP (gross domestic product) in the United States from October to December 2022 was 2.9% on an annual basis, which was positive for the second consecutive quarter, confirming the solidity of the economy.


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