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Economic news(2023/02/05)

Kyoto   Hakone

Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary Kihara ``Do your best to realize wage increases that exceed prices'' NHK Sunday debate

2023-02-05 11:51:00
Regarding wages for workers, Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary Kihara said in an NHK Sunday debate that an increase in income and revitalization of consumption would be the engine for the growth of the Japanese economy. He indicated that the government will do its utmost to take action.


The Bank of Japan's accumulated ETF exit is [Economic Column]

2023-02-05 01:11:00
It has been more than 12 years since the Bank of Japan decided to buy exchange traded funds (ETFs), which had been considered a “prohibited move” until then. Although the huge amount of monetary easing has continued to support the stock market for a long time, there are also harsh voices saying that it is distorting the market and that the government-manufactured market is not sustainable. And the Bank of Japan, which has a huge amount of ETFs, is effectively the world's largest holder of Japanese stocks. What kind of risks are there? And will there be an “exit” in sight? (Economic Department reporter Aya Shinoda)


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