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Economic news(2023/03/04)

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The 52nd Japan Agricultural Award Commendation for farmers and organizations that have made outstanding achievements

2023-03-04 18:33:00
An awards ceremony was held for the Japan Agricultural Award, which recognizes farmers and groups that have made outstanding achievements in farm management.


Joint statement at the first ministerial meeting to achieve both decarbonization and economic growth in Asia

2023-03-04 17:47:00
The first ministerial meeting was held in Tokyo on the 4th to accelerate efforts to achieve both decarbonization and economic growth in Asia toward the "G7 Hiroshima Summit" to be held in May this year. Each country put together a joint statement and agreed to work together to promote decarbonization by using hydrogen and ammonia, which do not emit carbon dioxide when burned.


Tokushima Naruto's "vortex opening" that announces spring Celebrating the key throwing tourism season

2023-03-04 15:36:00
In the Naruto Strait of Tokushima Prefecture, which is known for its dynamic whirlpools, a key was thrown into the whirlpools to celebrate the beginning of the tourist season.


“Aiming for both decarbonization and economic growth” Asian Ministerial Meeting begins

2023-03-04 12:42:00
In preparation for the "G7 Hiroshima Summit" to be held in May this year, the first meeting of ministers from Japan and Southeast Asia has begun in Tokyo, with the aim of accelerating efforts to achieve both decarbonization and economic growth in Asia. rice field. Discussions are being held on efforts to promote the decarbonization of coal-fired power plants.


British semiconductor development "Arm" to be listed on the US stock market Loss of presence in the London market

2023-03-04 11:43:00
Arm, a British semiconductor development company affiliated with the SoftBank Group, has revealed its intention to aim for listing only on the US stock market, not the UK, by the end of the year. It seems that there will be more voices pointing out the decline in the presence of the London stock market after the UK leaves the EU = European Union.


Government to implement additional price hike measures early this month by utilizing contingency funds

2023-03-04 04:56:00
In light of the continuing rise in prices, including the successive hikes in food prices, the government will formulate additional measures by the end of this month in order to support people's lives and corporate activities, and will utilize the reserve funds of this fiscal year's budget. It is our policy to promptly move to implementation.


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