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Economic news(2023/03/18)

Kyoto   Hakone

A week after the US Silicon Valley Bank collapse, turmoil in financial markets continues

2023-03-18 15:03:00
It's been a week since the US Silicon Valley Bank collapsed. Since then, anxieties over the financial system have spread rapidly, including the failure of another bank, and turmoil continues in the world's financial markets.


``Prices are heading in a bad direction'' 71% answered in a public awareness survey Cabinet Office

2023-03-18 11:48:00
In a public opinion poll conducted by the Cabinet Office, when asked about areas in which Japan is currently heading in a negative direction, 71% of respondents answered "commodity prices," an increase of more than 30 percentage points from the previous survey.


Swiss financial group UBS to buy Credit Suisse

2023-03-18 10:59:00
Switzerland's largest financial group UBS is in talks to buy the troubled Credit Suisse, according to a British financial newspaper.


Silicon Valley Bank holding company also declares bankruptcy

2023-03-18 05:21:00
SVB Financial Group, the holding company of the bankrupt American bank Silicon Valley Bank, announced on the 17th that it had filed for bankruptcy under Article 11 of the Federal Bankruptcy Law, which is equivalent to Japan's civil rehabilitation law, and filed for bankruptcy. . Known for lending to startup companies, Silicon Valley Bank, which went bankrupt on the 10th, is a bank under the SVB Financial Group, and following Silicon Valley Bank, the holding company also went bankrupt.


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