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Economic news(2023/03/19)

Kyoto   Hakone

Glue processing and sales "Milt" Household products Up to 40% price increase from June

2023-03-19 21:09:00
Due to the poor harvest of seaweed in the Ariake Sea, Shirako, a major seaweed processing and sales company, has decided to raise the price of seaweed products for home use by up to 40% from June this year.


Credit Suisse UBS acquisition negotiations finalize?

2023-03-19 09:42:00
Negotiations for Switzerland's largest financial group "UBS" to acquire "Credit Suisse", which is facing growing concerns about its management, appear to be nearing the end. Foreign media say UBS is seeking compensation from Swiss authorities for losses and litigation risks associated with the acquisition.


Bank failure in the age of SNS, not a “fire on the opposite bank” [Economic column]

2023-03-19 00:10:00
Sudden bankruptcy of American banks. And information about the financial deterioration of Credit Suisse, a major Swiss financial group. Over the past week, markets have been rocked by fears of widespread credit uncertainty. Although the market has regained some stability thanks to the government's response, the difficulty of responding to crises in a new era in which information spreads quickly is also highlighted. It shouldn't be a fire on the opposite shore for Japan either. I interviewed how to accept it. (Economic Department reporter Keiichiro Furuichi)


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