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Economic news(2023/04/15)

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G7 Climate, Energy and Environment Ministers' Meeting Ends Day 1, Releases Draft Joint Statement

2023-04-15 19:24:00
Discussions on the first day of the G7 climate, energy and environment ministers' meeting of seven major countries held in Sapporo have ended. A draft joint statement by each country has been revealed, and while the timing of abolishing coal-fired power generation, which is the focus, is not specified, it is a policy to abolish it in stages if measures to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from coal and natural gas cannot be taken.


ChatGPT Moves to review regulations in various countries due to concerns such as personal information protection

2023-04-15 17:03:00
As the use of interactive AI "ChatGPT" spreads rapidly around the world, countries around the world are beginning to consider regulatory proposals and certification systems due to concerns over the protection of personal information.


Hokkaido Movement toward abolition of coal-fired power generation and introduction of offshore wind power generation

2023-04-15 14:17:00
While discussions on decarbonization are being held at the G7 = climate, energy, and environment ministerial meeting of seven major countries, there are moves to abolish coal-fired power generation and introduce offshore wind power generation in Hokkaido, where the venue is located. I'm here.


“Mr. Musk establishes AI company to compete with ChatGPT developer” US paper report

2023-04-15 11:04:00
America's leading newspaper "Wall Street Journal" said that Elon Musk, CEO of American electric car maker "Tesla", will work on new AI to compete with the company that developed interactive AI "ChatGPT" You said you founded a company.


Twitter and Internet securities tie up to expand services such as stock price display

2023-04-15 07:08:00
Internet Securities has partnered with the company that operates Twitter, an American social media platform, to expand services such as making it possible to check stock prices in real time on Twitter.


"Invoice system" Individual consultation meeting to be held before October start National Tax Agency

2023-04-15 06:00:00
Before the "invoice system" for the purpose of grasping the accurate tax amount of consumption tax will start in October, the National Tax Agency will hold individual consultation meetings at tax offices in various places for small businesses. We are planning to strengthen the system to publicize the system by holding such events.


US retail sales fall for 2 months in a row Impact of prolonged inflation

2023-04-15 05:59:00
US retail sales were released and fell 1% last month compared to the previous month. It was the second straight month of decline, reflecting the impact of prolonged inflation and interest rate hikes on consumption.


About 95 billion yen worth of "AT1 bonds" sold by Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Securities are worthless

2023-04-15 00:54:00
The securities company "Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley Securities" issued about 95 billion yen worth of corporate bonds called "AT1 bonds" issued by the major Swiss financial group "Credit Suisse" and became worthless due to the management crisis. It was revealed that the yen was sold to wealthy people in Japan, and that it became worthless after Credit Suisse fell into a management crisis.


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