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Economic news(2023/04/30)

Kyoto   Hakone

China's April manufacturing business confidence index fell below the milestone ``50'' for the first time in four months

2023-04-30 12:20:00
The Chinese manufacturing industry's business sentiment index for April fell below the ``50'' mark, a milestone for economic judgment, for the first time in four months due to continued sluggishness in the real estate industry and exports, and the Chinese economy is still struggling. It shows a lack of strength.


Incorporate ChatGPT etc. into "Ibara Hiyori" Shown at Niconico Chokaigi

2023-04-30 07:02:00
Ibaraki Prefecture has introduced an interactive AI "ChatGPT" into a prefecture-authorized virtual YouTuber at an event held in Chiba City, promoting the appeal of Ibaraki through conversational experiences.


[Economic column]

2023-04-30 00:15:00
The representative stock index of the Japanese stock market "Nikkei Stock Average". It has a prominent presence in the market, as it is introduced in the news every day as important data that allows us to know economic trends. However, the Nikkei 225 has continued to be heavily influenced by some stocks called ``high-value stocks,'' and some have questioned whether it really reflects the overall trend of the economy. What drives the Nikkei Stock Average? I interviewed. (Economics Department reporter Kei Nakazawa)


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