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Main news(2013/01/05)

Kyoto   Hakone

Planning rice yuan governor visiting North Korea

2013-01-05 20:53:00
Richardson former governor of the United States-New Mexico, private visit of "humanitarian purposes about to admit that it is a plan to visit North Korea and chairman of the leading IT companies Google, the United States government has expressed concern I showed the idea is, need to be nervous that "not.


No tsunami impact on the Alaska large earthquake Japan

2013-01-05 20:34:00
Evening the 5th, there is a large earthquake in Alaska coast of North America, Japan Meteorological Agency had been investigating the impact of the tsunami caused by the earthquake, but the tsunami to the "Japan from such a change in the large tide was observed I announced influence and "not.


The sushi shop Tsukiji tuna of 150 million yen

2013-01-05 19:10:00
Immediately, tuna price of 100 million 50 million yen more than is attached at the first auction in the morning on the 5th, was held at the Tsukiji market in Tokyo, has been provided to the customer at the sushi shop in Tsukiji.


Or submarine active faults Kanto south coast in the "Sagami Trough"

2013-01-05 18:38:00
from the Great Kanto Earthquake that more than 100,000 people became a victim, you will '90 this year. Terrain seen results that experts were investigated, a submarine called the Kanto south coast, which is considered the source region of the earthquake that caused the earthquake as "Sagami Trough", moved displaced by the earthquake of relatively new era, with the active fault It is expected to be found in the new, and lead to the elucidation of the earthquake occurring in this area.


To the world's largest telescope ALMA authentic observation start

2013-01-05 16:42:00
Radio telescope of the world's largest in the highlands of South America, Chile, construction is underway and Japan to participate in the "Alma telescope", this month, is observed full-fledged increased to more than twice so far the number of antenna It will be initiated, a variety of outcomes that lead to elucidation of the mysteries of the universe is expected.


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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