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Main news(2013/01/07)

Kyoto   Hakone

Multiple tax rate introduced from 8 percent Yamaguchi

2013-01-07 20:42:00
Yamaguchi representative of New Komeito, emphasized Island idea at a meeting held in Tokyo, from stage to increase to 8% consumption tax rate, that we should be introduced multiple tax rates reduce the tax rate for food and other goods as low-income measures were.


Rebound in the sale of Korea North Korea the United States reconnaissance aircraft

2013-01-07 20:23:00
For that it has announced to strengthen the information gathering capabilities of the Korean Peninsula around, the United States government, to sell to Korea unmanned reconnaissance aircraft of high-performance, state media of North Korea, aims to win the confrontation with "the United States We are strongly opposed to the "further strengthen the efforts.


Candidacy file submitted to the Tokyo Olympics Bid

2013-01-07 19:13:00
The 7th, I visited the headquarters of the IOC = International Olympic Committee in Switzerland, Bid Committee in Tokyo, which aims to bid and Paralympic Summer Olympics of 2020, has submitted showed more organized plan "candidacy file" .


North Korea arrived rice Google chairman

2013-01-07 17:31:00
While a visit to North Korea on the 7th, to confirm and state that resides Americans were detained last year, leading IT companies in the United States, chairman of Google, with the North side that emphasizes the development of the IT industry It is expected to exchanging opinions between.


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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