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Main news(2013/01/10)

Kyoto   Hakone

Democrats correction pros and judgment in the deliberation

2013-01-10 20:39:00
Policy executives Hosono Chief Secretary and colleagues Kaieda representative of the Democratic Party held a meeting, for the supplementary budget of 24 fiscal year the government is promoting the organization work, continue to determine the pros and cons to scrutinize the contents such as through discussions at the ordinary Diet session I was confirmed.


Hinted high school student suicide "B team"

2013-01-10 20:23:00
Problems at municipal high school in Osaka, male students had received corporal punishment from teachers adviser of basketball was suicide, Osaka City Board of Education, the day before the suicide, for the mother to "common boys is" tired " It was revealed that it was talking After talking, and so on, "was said to be" Iin'yana even .B team to go what's tough. "


Advisor corporal punishment in Osaka volleyball

2013-01-10 19:08:00
Is that the municipal high school in Osaka students of basketball has committed suicide, in response to the suspension dispose of corporal punishment to the year before last student, again, teacher adviser of volleyball Thereafter, the return is, was going to corporal punishment in November last year became apparent.


Women surge undergoing egg donation abroad

2013-01-10 18:27:00
Amid the "aging of the egg" that it is difficult to become pregnant and past the mid-30s increases infertility cause, that pregnant women who give birth in response to egg donation from another woman overseas is increasing rapidly is, a group of Kanazawa University I've found in a survey of. Survey about egg donation is the first time, experts have pointed out that we should rush to medical readiness that can make birth and pregnant women laws in the country with confidence.


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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