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Main news(2013/01/23)

Kyoto   Hakone

New Komeito multiple tax rate introduced aim at 10%

2013-01-23 20:50:00
Had become the focal point of the maximum can be around the tax reform outline of FY2013 new year Heisei, the introduction of multiple tax rate due to the increase in the consumption tax rate, the Liberal Democratic Party-New Komeito two parties, 10 percent consumption tax rate in October, "the year after next It was agreed that it is assumed "aims to be introduced when pulled.


"A referendum whether or not EU withdrawal" British Prime Minister

2013-01-23 20:41:00
Cameron Prime Minister of the United Kingdom public opinion to support the withdrawal from the EU = European Union in the wake of the credit concerns in Europe is growing, expressed Island idea to implement a referendum asking whether or not to withdrawal do you stay in the EU in 2017 the end of the year were.


Katsushika anticipated inundation area display application development

2013-01-23 20:23:00
App that can instantly see the height of the flooding, which is assumed in the location where you shot in Tokyo, Katsushika regional sea level is large, in order to prepare for the flood, with the camera, such as a smartphone, and to shoot where you are now developing It is, operation has started from the 23rd.


"I want to see in the local" family of unknown person

2013-01-23 19:22:00
Want to check even go to the local yourself, family of Japanese in hostage by Islamic militants that occurred in Algeria, safety has not been confirmed yet, has complained of frustrating I think.


450 people extra in "early retirement" seven prefectures

2013-01-23 18:05:00
A problem that the 140 people faculty from Saitama Prefecture early retirement before retirement is reduced by the revision of the ordinance became clear, as a result of NHK was interviewed prefectures nationwide, 450 in the province of seven to suit it was found that police officers and faculty of the person is over or not desired or early retirement.


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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