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Main news(2013/01/26)

Kyoto   Hakone

Highlighting the North Korea nuclear test agency paper

2013-01-26 20:45:00
Agency paper of the Korean Workers' Party of North Korea on paper dated 26, as well as to condemn once again the United Nations Security Council adopted a resolution to extend the range of sanctions against North Korea, 3 "nuclear test's request of public sentiment" as It was reiterated that the attitude to go ahead nuclear test of times eyes.


Won for the first time in Nichi-ba Fuji Yokozuna

2013-01-26 20:03:00
Sumo Hatsubasho 14 days. I decided the winner of five times in total Yokozuna-Nichi-ba Fuji undefeated tinge to Ozeki-TsuruRyu. It is a victory for the first time in 2-th place as a yokozuna.


Castle Foreign Affairs Parliamentary Secretary safety confirmation was extremely difficult

2013-01-26 19:19:00
Whereas after reporters who reported the situation on the ground to Prime Minister Abe, said such as "was the mercy of the information that the intricate", castle Foreign Affairs Parliamentary Secretary who returned the afternoon on the 26th from Algeria, to check work of safety of Japanese I decided to clarify the situation extremely difficult.


Strong wind and snow to the Sea of ​​Japan side of dawn

2013-01-26 18:56:00
Under the influence of the pressure pattern of strong wintry, wind has been growing nationwide snow down to the Sea of ​​Japan side of center. Windy conditions and snow is expected to continue over the dawn of the 27th, the Japan Meteorological Agency is calling to care, such as strong winds and avalanches.


Witnesses to the death row Parrots in court

2013-01-26 17:03:00
Parties that the trial of Hirata Shin defendant of Aum Shinrikyo was arrested at the end of the Fugitive close in '17, witnesses against Inoue Yoshihiro condemned the cult original executive death penalty has been determined, such as sarin gas attack on the Tokyo subway system has been studied I've found in an interview to. Witnesses condemned extremely rare, if it is implemented, it will be attention new facts whether become apparent.


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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