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Main news(2013/02/01)

Kyoto   Hakone

Explosion also injured in the United States embassy in Turkey

2013-02-01 20:56:00
It is that you and depends on the coverage from local, 1 o'clock pm the 1st, 8 o'clock pm Japan time, there was a big explosion in front of the American Embassy in the capital Ankara, Turkey. I do not know the cause of the explosion, Reuters, tells smoke rising in the field, one of the entrances of the embassy, ​​but you have been damaged, injured is coming out.


"I want to announce the discourse of the future-oriented" Prime Minister

2013-02-01 19:02:00
Diet, representative questions on the second day against the policy speech of Prime Minister Abe is carried out in the Upper House plenary session, the Prime Minister Murayama at the time, Prime Minister Abe is, for its colonial rule and aggression of the past in 1995 I said, "would like to announce the discourse of the future-oriented in the 21st Century" Based expressed deep remorse, the so-called "Murayama discourse".


Women's judo Sonoda director resigns

2013-02-01 17:09:00
Ryuji Sonoda resignation of director of the Women's Japan representative of the accused from the players that there has been violence in women's judo, showed the idea that you want to resign as director was decided. All Japan Judo Federation has revealed.


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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