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Main news(2013/02/10)

Kyoto   Hakone

Second place in the two races Watanabe Akatsukito player W Cup

2013-02-10 20:35:00
Round 14 individual World Cup skiing, Nordic combined is carried out in Kazakhstan, ace of Japan, Watanabe Akatsukito players went into second place in the two races.


Remote control incident net conspicuous carefully opinion

2013-02-10 20:28:00
Interest of Internet users is high, for that on the 10th, a man of 30 years old living in Tokyo has been arrested, remote control incident of the personal computer, the real culprit really "from the beginning it has been reported in only happened on the stage of the Internet While the prudent opinion and "what is conspicuous, various opinions, such as the voice of rage" incident that "not allowed has been posted on the site.


Four Continents Championships Asada wins

2013-02-10 19:19:00
The second half of the women's singles, free is performed, Mao Asada will mark a high score of 205.45 in the sum of the short program, Four Continents Figure Skating Championships taking place in Osaka, 3 Times in 3 years I played to win.


Photos of cats wearing storage medium in mobile man arrested

2013-02-10 18:21:00
To the mobile phone of a man of 30 years old who live in Tokyo you are arrested by remote control incident of the personal computer, as written notice of mass murder on the bulletin board of the Internet, pictures of cats that had been marked with a storage medium has been temporarily saved I've found in an interview to the investigation officials be. Such as the Metropolitan Police, has examined only those that support the involvement in the incident. Man is that it has denied the charges.


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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