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Main news(2013/02/19)

Kyoto   Hakone

Fire in the "Kandayabusoba"

2013-02-19 20:51:00
19 day and night, there was a fire that burning five buildings soba shop in long-established 130 years Founded in Tokyo Kanda such as "Kandayabusoba". At the time, there were more than 40 people and employees guests in the store, but there were no injuries.


The three party secretary general meeting on the 22nd electoral system

2013-02-19 20:38:00
Diet affairs chief and secretary general of the Liberal Democratic Party-New Komeito Party talks, and brought this one home for a fundamental review of the electoral system, including the constant reduction of the House of Representatives, Democrats are seeking, secretary of the three parties of the Liberal-Democratic-Komei It was confirmed that open to the 22nd week, the long talks.


Investigation retroactively whereabouts of Hakodate children

2013-02-19 20:01:00
In response to the incident was arrested parents of the girl who went missing in Osaka Higashisumiyoshi Ward, as defrauded the child allowance, Hokkaido Hakodate, research to confirm the whereabouts of the children are doing at the time of examination infants Ken It was decided to do it back in the past, the.


Or died within two days after discharge girls

2013-02-19 19:23:00
In the incident was arrested girl of 6-year-old Osaka Higashisumiyoshi Ward, now missing soon after birth, parents as defrauded the child allowance of girl, police, within two days after you released from the hospital that a girl was born seeing that he died, we examine the prehistory.


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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