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Main news(2013/02/22)

Kyoto   Hakone

Expect to early visit of Russian President entourage Prime Minister

2013-02-22 20:35:00
Morimoto Prime Minister on a visit to Russia, met with Speaker of the House of Naruishikin entourage of President Putin, Naruishikin chairman, showed expectations that Russia visit of Prime Minister Abe is realized at an early stage.


The possibility of fire origin humidifier of TDK during recovery

2013-02-22 19:41:00
in a fire this month, four people, including residents died in a group home in Nagasaki City, 22 day and night, a leading manufacturer of electronic components in Tokyo "TDK" is conference in Nagasaki, TDK is manufactured and sold in the past, fear of fire The announcement was found that a very high possibility that the humidifier is working to recover as there is has become origin of a fire, we apologized.


To the first-ever meeting with the prime minister President Obama

2013-02-22 18:56:00
Dawn of the 23rd Japan time, Prime Minister Abe has visited the United States, will faces the Japan-US summit meeting for the first time with President Obama. At the meeting, it is expected that opinion is exchanged and brought this one home for nuclear test by North Korea, and corresponding to the TPP = Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement.


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