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Main news(2013/02/24)

Kyoto   Hakone

To the second half in the Nordic combined organization leaders

2013-02-24 20:54:00
The 24th, World Championship of Nordic skiing, which is made in Italy begins the organization of Nordic combined, in the lead in the jump in the first half, Japan's faces the cross-country in the second half with the aim of gold medals of 2 tournament the first time.


Softbank Hoashi-Higashihama both pitcher pitching

2013-02-24 20:35:00
Pro baseball Softbank, continued on the 23rd, we open warfare with Seibu in Miyazaki City, two of Higashihama 巨投 hand of rookie and Hoashi Kazuyuki pitcher aimed at revival was pitched well and conceding twice together.


To landfill application time judgment continued efforts to obtain understanding

2013-02-24 19:25:00
Prior to around the relocation issue of the Futenma base of the United States Armed Forces, Ministry of Defense is to perform in Okinawa Prefecture, the landfill application of Nago coastal areas, and is looking to start also this week the procedure for obtaining consent from fishing cooperatives of local it was found that it had told the fishermen's cooperative stakeholders intention. Government has decided to determine when it while continuing the efforts to gain an understanding of local, and go ahead to the landfill application.


All day Unkyu Yamagata Shinkansen snow removal work

2013-02-24 19:07:00
Around 3:30 pm on the 24th, of the upstream "Wings No. 144" is stuck under the influence of heavy snow in the city of Yonezawa, Yamagata Prefecture, as it is necessary to perform snow removal work of the line JR East, Yamagata Shinkansen between Tokyo Station all day, up and down lines were both canceled the operation is the 24th in a section of all of Shinjo Station of Yamagata Prefecture.


"Diplomatic efforts and negotiations" abductees family

2013-02-24 18:38:00
Amid open the conference family et al abducted by North Korea to discuss the activity policies, the future of the resolution is no longer foresee in the practice of the nuclear test, the government, the cooperation of the international community and negotiations proactive with North Korea It was confirmed that it is to seek strong diplomatic efforts to get.


13 cars accident in Hachinohe snowstorm

2013-02-24 18:04:00
Morning the 24th, in the prefectural road of Hachinohe, Aomori Prefecture, there is an accident during a snowstorm, such as passenger cars and trucks collided one after another, 13 units might be involved together, two men and women were injured.


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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