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Main news(2013/03/13)

Kyoto   Hakone

Conclusion in the full amount of Toyota answers the third consecutive year

2013-03-13 20:56:00
The 13th, to celebrate a centralized date of response, Toyota Motor Corporation, spring offensive of this year raising of wages has become a focal point, for three consecutive years as requested by the union side, the bonus amount which is the level of the best in the Lehman Shock at The full amount answer, labor negotiations were concluded.


The spate of companies exceed Teisho maintain bonus last year

2013-03-13 18:34:00
The 13th, it marked the date of response concentration of major companies such as electric automobiles and answer has been shown all at once from the management side spring offensive. Regular salary increase is maintained at all companies, companies that answer a sum greater than the bonus last year even if it receives an improvement in performance has been one after another.


Strong winds at Narita Airport "Fujin" observation

2013-03-13 15:11:00
Phenomenon called wind strengthened from morning, dust and sand in the surface of the earth is rolled up "Fujin" is observed 13 days and depends on the Narita aviation Local Meteorological Observatory, state poor outlook has continued.


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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