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Main news(2013/03/20)

Kyoto   Hakone

Do cyber attacks on banks and Korea TV station

2013-03-20 20:40:00
Afternoon on the 20th, the company intranet is no longer available from about the same time zone, such as major banks and television stations of three major in Korea, the South Korean government, announced that it "has been confirmed that the malware was shed by hacking", We examine the detailed situation to look the possibility of cyber attack by someone is high.


Passenger car head-on collision two people killed 4 people injured

2013-03-20 19:41:00
Afternoon on the 20th, in addition to passenger cars to each other is a head-on collision in the national highway of Fukui Prefecture Mihama, two women who were riding were killed, four people were held minor and serious injuries.


Stability of 習主 seat peninsula also benefit China

2013-03-20 19:21:00
The talks on the phone with Park Kune President of South Korea and the peace and stability of the "Korean Peninsula, Xi Jinping Zemin of China, direct not only the people of the peninsula, but also for the people of China by around the nuclear issue of North Korea It was emphasized the idea that only after "said's profits such, we are working to resolve the issue through dialogue.


Short or cooled trouble small animals contact

2013-03-20 18:43:00
Result in trouble such as cooling system of spent fuel pool has stopped at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station, Tokyo Electric Power is examined, trace is found burnt to such terminal of switchboard of temporary, small animals such as rats near dead There was. Seeing that there is a possibility that small animals is brought into contact with the terminal, such as short circuit occurs, TEPCO, has been looking into the cause.


Man of stabbing passers-arrest "was good anyone"

2013-03-20 18:17:00
The 19th, in the incident that injured four passers-by from being pierced one after another with a knife to the man in front of Toyocho Station in Tokyo's Koto Ward, and to talk to man the original gangster who was arrested is not sure of the meaning While it is, is that you have testimony "I thought it was about to stab people and aimed at the man. was good anyone" or, it was found in an interview to the investigation officials.


Expected to increase wind and snow in northern Japan center

2013-03-20 17:42:00
In the 20th, yellow sand is observed in a wide range of over the Northeast from the West, the outlook is now worse temporarily some places. Yellow sand will fall gradually, but is expected to snow and blow up around the northern Japan through the 21st from now under the influence of the low pressure, the Japan Meteorological Agency has urged to be very careful impact on traffic due to blowing snow and strong winds, and avalanches.


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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