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Main news(2013/03/23)

Kyoto   Hakone

To re-submit the Cyprus deposits levy bill

2013-03-23 20:28:00
For the bill to collect forcibly was rejected in Congress, the part of the bank deposits, Cyprus government, I went while obtained from such EU = European Union Parliament again only after modifications to target only large deposits It is a policy that aims to vote and to submit to.


Den-O warfare active proxies protect unbeaten

2013-03-23 19:31:00
Five professional players active chess to play against the computer "Den-O War" begins in Tokyo, active professional players wins at the end of the exciting game of 8 hours and a half, to protect the undefeated matchup with the computer 23, the first day directly below.


I support each other 習主 seat in the "core interests"

2013-03-23 19:09:00
The 23rd, Xi Jinping Jintao of China that an official visit to Russia will be speaking at the University of Moscow, Churo two countries along with the state and with each other to support firmly the issue of territorial sovereignty and of each other on "core interests", nationalization of the Senkaku Islands in Okinawa Prefecture by the Japanese government has deployed implicitly claim that something that you are going to overturn the international order after World War II.


Celebration of fashion in the city costume Shibuya

2013-03-23 17:32:00
If you let to disseminate widely in national and international fashion information of Shibuya, Harajuku, Tokyo that specializes in many gather, town costume that you can open a fashion show in the city stores more than 300 participating, or perform the sale of its own events, "SHIBUYA FASHION FESTIVAL" has been opened.


"Residents angry" Inamine Nago Mayor

2013-03-23 16:32:00
The meeting with Yamamoto Okinawa northern Minister have visited Okinawa, Inamine mayor of Nago, Okinawa Prefecture is, that towards the relocation of the United States military Futenma base, the government has filed an application with the county landfill Nago coastal For, it is said, "residents are very angry that it has been promoted authoritarian manner," said, and asked to convey the rebound of the local Prime Minister Abe.


IC card ticket interoperable start

2013-03-23 16:09:00
Nationwide mutual use of IC card ticket of 10 types that can be used, such as JR and private railway has started from the 23rd. And if you have one card is to ensure that they can be used in many places, moving in the travel destination or business trip is going to be convenient.


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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