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Main news(2013/03/30)

Kyoto   Hakone

Check the resources development cooperation and Mongolia

2013-03-30 20:48:00
In Ulaanbaatar, the capital, met with Arutanhoyagu prime minister, as well as to make sure that you continue to cooperate in natural resource development in Mongolia, given that there are diplomatic relations with North Korea Mongolia, Prime Minister Abe to have visited Mongolia, abduction I have requested the cooperation for the resolution of the problem.


Active chess player is the first defeat on the computer

2013-03-30 20:44:00
30 days, professional players active chess to play against the computer "Den-O War" is held in Tokyo, proxy incumbent was defeated in the computer for the first time.


'17 After 90% and gasoline engine vehicles

2013-03-30 20:15:00
From the fact that while the widespread use of electric vehicles is expected, fuel efficiency such as gasoline engine is improved, even in 2030 17 years later, the car was equipped with an engine and diesel gasoline is about 90 car sales in the world % forecast of private that to account for was unity.


Tendency to hesitate trouble consultation of job hunting

2013-03-30 19:14:00
Cases where university students failed to job hunting, cut off their own lives by, for example, suffering from depression has been increasing the past few years. Report such as the current situation where meeting to consider this "job hunting suicide" was held in Tokyo on the 30th, are hesitant that the NPO to tackle suicide measures, more than half of the students who are troubled with job hunting, to consult with someone were.


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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