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Main news(2013/04/08)

Kyoto   Hakone

"Nuclear accident is not converged" nuclear problem investigation special committee

2013-04-08 20:40:00
Deliberations of the House of Representatives to discuss, such as the nature of atomic energy administration of "nuclear problem investigation special committee" is performed for the first time, the accident at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant converges former chairman et al Diet Accident Investigation Board, who attended as a witness as not, I asked again the need for monitoring of nuclear power to government by the National Assembly.


It also distributed to Tokyo Machida crime prevention buzzer Korean schools

2013-04-08 20:17:00
A result of the consultation the correspondence again, the Board of Education of Tokyo Machida was a decision not to distribute crime prevention buzzer to children of Korean schools to reason and social situation surrounding North Korea, the Board of Education is to protect the safety of children I decided that as such, has determined the role of, and to distribute crime prevention buzzer also children of Korean schools.


Support rate of NHK poll parties

2013-04-08 19:28:00
When depends on the poll by NHK went, 43.6% is the Liberal Democratic Party, the Democratic Party is at 6.1 percent, the approval rating of the Democratic Party, and below further last month, support rate of each party is, started investigating ways of now NHK In July 2004 was, it was the lowest. 2.1% is Nihon'ishin'nokai 3.7 percent Komeito, Your Party is 1.3%, 0.4% is the party of life, 2% Communist Party, the Social Democratic Party is 0.7 percent, supported in particular " It was 34.5 percent political parties have to be "no.


66% the same as the Cabinet support rate last month

2013-04-08 19:08:00
who and depends on the poll by NHK went, was answered "support" the Abe Cabinet, was 66% the same as last month.


Subsequent transfer to water pollution by water tank

2013-04-08 18:14:00
Problems that trouble contaminated water leaks in the water tank of the underground in the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant is one after another, as a result of TEPCO examined the concentration of radioactive materials in the vicinity of the water tank, it is not seen a big change, new I have water leakage, such has not been found. Continued, TEPCO, we are investigating the cause as well as continue to work to transfer to the water storage tank to another contaminated water.


"Workers withdrawal of Quezon" North Korea

2013-04-08 17:56:00
For Quezon industrial park to be operated jointly with South Korea, the 8th, and announced to everyone withdraw the workers of North Korea amounting to 53 000 people working in the estate, North Korea, industry is a symbol of economic cooperation in the North-South It was a situation in which the estate is forced to shutdown overall for the first time.


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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