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Main news(2013/04/17)

Kyoto   Hakone

Boston explosion or black powder used

2013-04-17 20:32:00
For bombing that occurred in Boston of the eastern United States, experts familiar with explosives, from such as the color of the smoke at the time of the explosion, is used in such fireworks in Japan "black powder" that or those that are not used I showed recognition.


3 people injured in the earthquake of Miyakejima

2013-04-17 20:08:00
In addition to and depends on the Metropolitan Police Department, in a nursing home in the Ako district of Miyakejima, 2 of the women of the 80s men and 90s to tip over in the shaking of an earthquake, was injured men hit the waist, women head it is that was injured to beat. When depends on the facility, it is that two people received benefits in the facility both, the degree of injury that light. Also, you have been slightly injured one person men in their 40s have cut your hands on the broken glass of the house, and depends on the Metropolitan Police Department in the same Ako district, is that three people that were injured so far in Miyakejima. Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department has hit the check whether there are no injuries to the other.


Begins funeral of former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher

2013-04-17 19:47:00
In addition to leading the government 11 years as prime minister of the women of England's first, was rebuilding the British economy by pursuing a bold reform, also affected the conclusion of the Cold War, the funeral of Margaret Thatcher, former Prime Minister of England, central London I began with St. Paul's Cathedral.


Landslides in three places Miyakejima

2013-04-17 19:06:00
When depends on the Miyake Branch Office of Tokyo in the Miyake village, under the influence of the earthquake, in the prefectural of Igaya district, sediment cliff was collapsed about one cubic meter, but that trouble will not come out in the way. Also, is that sediment cliff of prefectural side was broken in two places besides, but that none have been closed to traffic to small scale. On the other hand, is that there was no damage to the facility and runway at Miyakejima Airport capital is managed.


Intensity 5 upper Miyakejima

2013-04-17 18:45:00
18:00 on the 17th, there was an earthquake to observe the shaking of intensity 5 upper Miyakejima of Tokyo. There is a possibility that the danger of a landslide and rockfall is growing in the region was strong the shaking, the Japan Meteorological Agency has urged that attention to the aftershocks of the future.


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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