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Main news(2013/04/28)

Kyoto   Hakone

Firing three people injured in Italy near the Prime Minister's Office

2013-04-28 20:55:00
There are cases in the midst of the capital Rome, Italy, swearing-in ceremony of the new Cabinet has been carried out, three police officers are injured man to fire a gun in front of the Prime Minister's Office, police situ man at we examine the motives and with arrest.


Upper house to one seat difference in the Liberal victory

2013-04-28 20:24:00
By rookie-Enoshima Mr. Kiyoshi of the Liberal Democratic Party won the election of the House of Councillors Yamaguchi constituency, increased to 83-84 of the current, the number of seats the LDP House of Councillors second factions, of the House of Councillors first parliamentary group of the 85 seats I will be one seat difference until close to the Democratic Party. In addition, of the seats in the non-re-election that are not reelected in the Upper House election in the summer, you will have to increase one seats in the LDP and New Komeito ruling. The number of seats required in the Upper House election in the summer, along with the New Komeito, the LDP is to ensure a majority in conjunction with the seats in the non-re-election are decreased by 1 to 64-63 by this.


Upper House elections the Liberal Democratic Yamaguchi-Enoshima Mr. shoo

2013-04-28 20:07:00
After the inauguration of the Abe administration, voting is carried out in 28 days-election of the House of Councillors Yamaguchi constituency became the national elections for the first time, Ejima Kiyoshi Mr. Komeito recommend rookie of the Liberal Democratic Party, and green Democratic newcomer independent to suppress the Hiraoka and colleagues of former Minister of Justice to support the Social Democratic Party is the wind is recommended, we have to ensure the election of the first time.


Starting to Latin American foreign ministers TPP information collection

2013-04-28 19:20:00
In order to visit, such as Peru and Mexico in Latin America, as well as collect information over the negotiations of TPP = Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement, to promote an environment aimed at securing resources, 28 day and night, Kishida Foreign Minister, starting the Narita Airport were.


"On the day of hope and determination" Sovereignty ceremony Prime Minister

2013-04-28 17:32:00
government-sponsored ceremony to commemorate the fact that the San Francisco Peace Treaty came into effect, Japan has recovered the sovereignty, was held in Tokyo. Along with the state to be "I want to on the day you want to renew our determination and hope toward the future, today", while showing consideration to such Okinawa disconnected from the administrative rights of Japan, Prime Minister Abe is a nation-building to contribute to the world I have emphasized the idea to proceed.


The tournament of protest in Okinawa Sovereignty ceremony

2013-04-28 12:17:00
In Okinawa to match it to open the ceremony for the government to commemorate the restoration of sovereignty of Japan, was placed under the rule of the United States and sovereignty after recovery, tournament to protest the ceremony is opened, held in "ceremony after this is, We adopted a convention resolution that "not allowed in possibly shall be rounded off Okinawa again.


The spate of entry of Russian LNG development trading company

2013-04-28 11:03:00
Amid demand for LNG = liquefied natural gas increases as fuel for thermal power generation, among the leading trading company in Japan, the movement that aims to participate in the development projects of the production plant of LNG being planned in the Russian Far East has one after another.


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