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Main news(2013/05/02)

Kyoto   Hakone

Insecticide component from two birds crow mass mortality

2013-05-02 20:48:00
Component of the pesticide is detected from the two birds of the crow 30 days last month, it finds that is dead in mass on the streets of downtown Yokohama, Naka-ku, we examine the circumstances police detailed.


To say hello to Mr. Shigeo Nagashima fan

2013-05-02 20:30:00
And now that the awards ceremony to be held at the Tokyo Dome on the 5th of this month, and later fall in cerebral infarction, Shigeo Nagashima Honorary Life Director of the giants winning the People's Honor Award was decided that, greet in front of a fan of the stadium for the first time were.


"I think that there need of constitutional amendment" 42%

2013-05-02 18:46:00
It is the Constitution Day 3 days. While it was almost the same survey six years ago at 42%, people who are and depends on the poll by NHK went, replied that "I think that it is necessary to amend the Constitution" it "I think that there is no need to amend" People who answered the 16%, it was found that it was lower than the previous.


Low temperature Hokkaido Note snow tomorrow

2013-05-02 17:53:00
Under the influence of cold in the sky, the temperature is lower than the average year nationwide two days, snow has been falling by the place in Hokkaido. Temperature is below the average year also the 3rd, is expected to snow in Hokkaido, in addition to management of crops and management of the physical condition, the Japan Meteorological Agency has called for attention to the influence of the traffic in Hokkaido.


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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